Grand Knights and Council Program Directors are invited to submit the programs conducted by their council for consideration for one of the State Program Awards that are awarded at the annual State Convention.

What does that mean? Just a simple way to ask if your Council has planned for Activity this fraternal year. In other words, “Have you planned for 5 or more activities in each of the six service areas?” When you are greeted by your District Deputy, State Service Directors, State Officers or even your peer Grand Knights, I hope they all ask you

Activity “Do you have your 5?”    
And I hope your answer can be “Yes, we have 5 service projects planned for each of the 6 service areas! Thank you for asking!”

I so believe that Activity can grow your membership and even more importantly the amount of service your council delivers to our Church and your local communities, that we will be focusing the efforts of our State Service Directors to help Grand Knights plan for a high level of Activity in their Council’s Event Calendars. This program is just one of the tools that we will deliver to help you accomplish that planning.

So if you haven’t started putting your Council Event Calendar together, Start NOW! Fill in each service area with the events you did last year, some of the ideas within this brochure, Activity Ideas on our State and Supreme websites and new ideas that you generated from your own Council Members.

 Thank you for all the good work you have and will accomplish this fraternal year!

May God bless you & your Council Family!

Greg Taillon,
State Program Director

Brothers – Answer these questions when you fill out your Service Award submission and you will have a solid entry.

  • Who benefited from this program/project?
  • What was the benefit to the recipients?
  • How many hours were expended in planning this program/project and how many members were involved? Council/non-council members
  • Is this program repeatable from year to year & could other councils adopt this program/project?
  • How many hours and how many members were required to complete this program/project?
  • What was the criteria used to determine if this program/project was successful?
  • What did the council do to recognize the members who participated?
  • What are the future plans for this program/project and are there changes recommended?
  • Pictures, mostly of the work being done, not just a group photo at the end!!
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