State Deputy Message – Weekly Briefing June 28th   2020 2021 State Emblem

Worthy Members All.

As I enter into a new area of service to our Order and Church it is necessary to advise the membership of an ongoing investigation referred to the State Advocate on advice from our prior regional growth director.

Apparently, recruitment processes were previously utilized that are contrary to recognized standard proper Form 100 processing procedures normally practiced. The investigation has documented several forms were submitted without the knowledge of the Grand Knight, missing a current Financial Secretary signature, and creating concerns all the way to New Haven as to how contact was made with the applicants named on the membership forms.

As this process is still ongoing, I have accepted the incoming state deputy’s offer for the position of state membership director to see this through, so these practices will end. 

If our Order, if this State Council, if your Council is to weather the storm that is building of anti-Catholic, anti-Christian sentiment that seems to be building then we need to keep on our toes and play by the rules.

But when playing by the rules is circumvented, it negatively affects the perception of what we are all about. Even to the point of discouraging members from our ranks.

We cannot let eagerness to meet expectations to overshadow our commitment of diligent service.  In the area of Membership there have arisen numerous areas where the [ t ]’s were not crossed, and the [ i ]’s were not dotted, leaving a gap in the accuracy of the recruitment process.

It is incumbent upon all of us not to just seek to fill artificial quotas, but to qualify each person seeking to join or re-join our band of brothers. 

Each council Grand Knight and Financial Secretary are the sole gatekeepers for your council rosters. Irregularities in recruitment occur when this authority is not followed or is passed on to others. Their responsibility includes “knowing” the new and changing policies affecting their rosters; especially new online recruitment opportunities that continue to present themselves.

The Proposer needs to do his job and approach Catholic men who are willing to serve, and to follow through shepherding the candidate through the degrees. 

The Admissions Committee needs to do its job and interview, to explain our Order, and to “vet” them for the council vote to accept them into the council. 

The Financial Secretary need to do his job of orientating a prospect, utilizing the exemplification processes available to get them to the 3rd degree, and process the Form 100. 

I know that, with your support, this coming year will be a banner year for New Hampshire, the dust of the pandemic will be cleared off, our Councils will be reinvigorated and our work of supporting the Church will proceed. I look forward to working with your councils and promoting new opportunities that will become available this coming year. Some are game changers.

I thank my state officer team that supported me the last two years, my District Deputies, State Directors, and Chairman, and the Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and all council members that persevered and found ways to get things done under unprecedented challenges. Thank you all!

I thank my wife Sue and all member wives, without their support, we have nothing. So, on behalf of Sue and I, we thank you for opportunity to lead New Hampshire Jurisdiction. God Bless you all.


Joseph J Kowalik III

Outgoing State Deputy