NHSC Catholic Education Initiative

The investment in the Catholic education of our youth is an investment in the future. The Knights of Columbus has placed a high value on Catholic education and the NH State Council feels that this is a top priority. The New Hampshire State Council Catholic Education Initiative is a NH Knights of Columbus State program focused on assisting Catholic schools in the state of New Hampshire in meeting their Catholic education enrichment goals.

Evaluation Process
Each Catholic school requesting assistance under the NH SC Catholic Education Initiative would submit a detailed plan describing their Catholic Education Enrichment Proposal. This would be done using a form provided by the New Hampshire State Council. This plan would be sent to the chairman for a review for completeness. After this initial review the plan would be reviewed by the State Officers of the NHSC to determine if the proposed plan is within the scope of the NHSC Catholic Education Initiative and the plan would then be considered qualified for consideration. Otherwise a notification would be made to the school to indicate why the plan was not within the program scope.

Once a plan is qualified a Steering Committee would be formed consisting of District Deputies representing the towns having student attending that Catholic school. The Steering Committee would meet with school representatives to determine how NH State Council might best be of assistance. This could be in the form of developing videos for community access TV, council donations or specific fund raising programs. The district deputies would then discuss the project with the councils within their districts. Action plans would then be formulated.

Program Awareness
The NH State Council would ask for the guidance from the Diocese of Manchester on how best to request proposals from Catholic schools within New Hampshire.

Please contact Allen Ouellette, Catholic Education Program Chairman of the NH Knights of Columbus at al [DOT] o [AT] att [DOT] net, (603) 938-2212 or (603) 546-5702 cell with any questions.

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