McGivney Canonization Rosary Program


The NH State Council’s McGivney Canonization Rosary Program asks councils and individual members to host canonization rosaries to honor Blessed Michael McGivney. The success of our goal with the McGivney Beatification Rosary, to pray over 2,020 rosaries by Founder's Day, March 29, 2021, has inspired us to continue this program for the cause toward Sainthood. Rosary submissions may be individual rosaries prayed by a member, or, number in attendance at a council's rosary service.

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Online Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

New Hampshire State Council On-line Exemplification Registration.
The councils are to use the regular process for vetting candidates; and, FS of the council is to register the candidates. This way we can be assured candidates making the degree are known by councils.
Deadline for registration is Wednesday prior to the Friday Exemplification.
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Ray and Peggy LeMayWelcome to the New Hampshire Knights of Columbus State Council website.  Our mission is to empower Catholic men to live their faith at home, in their parishes, at work and in their communities.  Since itsLemayPinImage inception in 1882, the Knights of Columbus of today strive to follow in the footsteps of our founder, the Blessed Michael McGivney.  Our Order is based on the principles of Faith, Charity, Fraternity and Patriotism which serve as the basis of the Order’s core values. 

Today, in New Hampshire we have 16 districts, comprising 73 councils with 6,900 members who continue to reach out to support our clergy, parishes, families and communities.  Since our beginning in 1882 membership has been open to men 18 years of age and who are “practical” (that means practicing) Catholics in union with the Holy See.  

We actively seek Catholic men to join our ranks and help us in becoming better Catholics by assisting our parishes, families and communities.  Join us today, become an “Online Member” for free.  Now through December 31, 2021, enter Promo Code MCGIVNEY2020 for twelve months of free online membership.

On behalf of the Knights of Columbus members and families in New Hampshire I bid you welcome.


Raymond A. Lemay Sr
State Deputy
New Hampshire State Council
Knights of Columbus

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Brothers: Log on to and please sign the petition to Congress.   This is critical!

Taxpayer dollars should NOT pay for abortion. 

For 45 years, the Hyde amendment and similar laws have protected taxpayers from being forced to pay for elective abortion. 

The Hyde amendment has been signed into law every year since 1976, whether the Congress and the White House were led by Republicans or Democrats. The Hyde Amendment has saved nearly 2.5 million babies and mothers in difficult circumstances from the tragedy of abortion. An overwhelming majority of Americans, including low-income women and women of color who are most impacted by it, support the Hyde Amendment and laws that prevent government-funded abortion.  We urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to ensure that the Hyde Amendment and all similar life-saving appropriations riders remain in place during the 117th Congress and beyond.  

Do not force Americans to subsidize the taking of innocent life. Oppose any bill, including any appropriations bill, that expands taxpayer funding of abortion. 

Ron Di Stasio, State Life Director

A new form is required for the Camporee. It replaces Forms 2 and 3 of the liability wavier. This new form is in the forms package. It is from the Diocese of Manchester. It needs to be filled out and signed by each adult attending or visiting the Camporee. Each minor must have this form completed by parent/guardian for a participants under the age of 18.

It is required to wear masks for all when inside and not eating or drinking.(dinning hall. Chapel, etc)

A lifeguard is required for the beach to be open. At this time we do not have anyone certified. If there is anyone who is certificated, please contact me.(603-895-2889)

A  Reminder! All paperwork is due August 15th to keep the same cabin. after this date, all open cabins will be assigned on first come, first served basis.

Ron Metevier, Chairman

Dear Brother Knight,

Your immediate action is necessary to prevent taxpayer funding from being used to pay for abortion.

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on several government funding bills that remove long-standing, bi-partisan provisions, such as the Hyde Amendment, which prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortion. The Hyde Amendment has been passed every year since it was first introduced in 1976 by the late U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois, a brother Knight. Over the last 45 years, this important provision has saved the lives of more than 2.4 million children!

I urge you to take action today by calling your elected representatives in Congress and asking them to preserve the Hyde Amendment.

Our 2021 Knights of Columbus/Marist Polling found that 58% of Americans oppose the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion domestically, and that 77% oppose paying for abortions abroad. 

Visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Action Center TODAY to contact your elected representatives and remind them that Americans do not want their taxpayer dollars to be used in the killing of innocent, unborn life.

Thank you for taking action now to build a culture of life in America!


Patrick E. Kelly
Supreme Knight

BabyProLifeFetal Protection Act Now A Law

Governor Sununu has signed the ban on all abortion procedures at 24 weeks or later.  This was a courageous act on his part.  He has stood by his Christian principles!!

However, now he is being pressured by the pro-abortion forces to change his mind and welcome amendments that would strip the law of its efficacy!!

Please contact our governor and thank him for standing up for life and encourage him to stand firm.

EMAIL:  governorsununu [AT] nh [DOT] gov          PHONE:  603-271-2121

Thank You
Ron Di Stasio, State Life Director


Prayer Hour For The Canonization Of Blessed Michael McGivney

August 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

It was with great joy that we celebrated the Beatification of our beloved Founder, Blessed Michael McGivney. Holy Mother Church has confirmed what we have known from our own devotion: that Blessed Michael McGivney is a model of holiness whose life and ministry is an example for us all. His beatification is an invitation for all of us to better understand and live out the principles with which he founded the Knights of Columbus: charity, unity, and fraternity.

Join us for a Prayer Hour on the first Feast Day of Blessed Michael McGivney on August 13th, 7:00 pm.

While meditating on the example of Blessed Michael McGivney. Let his devotion to Our Lady inspire you to draw close to her Immaculate Heart, where we will encounter her son, Jesus Christ. Only in that encounter will we be able to meet the challenge that Father McGivney places before us: to live a life of heroic virtue according to the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity.



Call to Action

The House Committee on Appropriations voted to push through four of the most extreme pro-abortion bills EVER. These bills take away the pro-life policies that:

  • protect taxpayers from having to pay for elective abortions, both here and overseas
  • protect health care providers from being forced to perform abortions or refer for abortions against their beliefs
  • protect employers and insurance companies from being forced to pay for abortion.

The full House is expected to begin voting on these bills during the week of July 26.

It’s time to make Congressional office phones ring off the hook!


Without the Hyde Amendment and Hyde-related policies, billions of taxpayer dollars could be used to pay for abortion in the United States and throughout the world. 

Eliminating the Weldon Amendment would force medical professionals, employers, and insurance companies to perform, pay for, or otherwise participate in an abortion against their beliefs. 

Call your representative today! Don’t let our government make you pay for, or participate in, the taking of innocent human life.

Congress needs to hear from you: tell Congress to keep the Hyde Amendment and other Hyde-related policies, and the Weldon Amendment in the appropriations bills, and to oppose any bill that expands taxpayer funding of abortion.


To learn more, click here and here.

Worthy Sirs and Catholic Gentlemen,

I hope this message finds you healthy in mind, spirit and body. So we continue to be hampered by the Corona Virus but not totally handcuffed like during the past year. Ceremonials have been redeveloped into an online format. We have developed our own online team which has successfully performed the combined ceremonial several times during the last fraternal year.

The New Hampshire virtual team is comprised of the following brothers: Father Aggie Jean, Richard McDermott, Tim Kingsley, Ron Barnovsky, Tony Noce, BobJones and Phil LeBlanc. We need to continue to add new members to this team so that we can ensure future degree work. If you are interested in being a part of this effort kindly give me a call or a text at (603)923-3765.


Sept. 10, 11, 12, 2021

FESTIVAL HOURS for 2021· Friday 1-9• Saturday 10-9• Sunday 9-6

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to raise funds for your counsel? Do you want to have family and friends participate in fundraising? Bishop Brady Counsel #5093 from Hampton is in charge of staffing the admission gates for this event and are seeking PAID volunteers to assist. They will pay each Counsel $50.00 for each shift worked by a Knight, adult family member or friend.

For more information or to sign up, contact Grand Knight Jim McAden or Maryanne McAden atmjmcaden [AT] comcast [DOT] net


Brother we belong to the world's largest and one of the most bureaucratic Catholic mens organization around.  As such it takes a degree, ok, a lot of forms to fill-out and get filed.  Frankly, there is a terrible amount.  However, Supreme has done a lot toward putting forms and lists on-line to make the job a little more bearable.

"So what now" is likely your reaction.  Well, get your Form 365s filled out and submitted to Supreme and to your new State Deputy.  It is this required form that paves the way for everything else.  As the sayin' goes "Git er done!"

KCICpicThe 2021 Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC) Program Announcement (06.28.21)

Worthy Brother Knights: I apologize for not having the 2021 Keep Christ in Christmas documents available earlier, but the pandemic had set back the national schedule. However, the 2021 program is now up and running.

One major change for this year is there will not be English KCIC assortment cases available. Only individual boxes of cards can be ordered. However, the Spanish assortment cases will continue to be available along with the individual boxes.

There are a limited supply of English style Christmas cards this season. Orders will be filled until items are Out-of-Stock. It is expected the current supply of ethnic style cards as well as "KCIC Christmas Activity" materials and products will be available to fill all requests. Councils are encouraged to order early. Adjustments needed on any requests will be followed up on as swiftly as possible.

New Hampshire State Council Men’s Retreat

Dear Reverend Chaplains,
Worthy Grand Knight,
Brothers All,

I am pleased to announce the return of the Knights of Columbus State of NH Annual Men’s Retreat September 17th – 19th at Camp Bernadette, on beautiful Lake Wentworth, Wolfeboro, NH.  It is my pleasure to invite you and all the members of your council to this retreat. We all know how we occasionally need our spiritual batteries recharged. Join us and Fr. John MacKenzie, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes-St. Joseph's Parish, who has graciously accepted the invitation to be the Spiritual Leader for the weekend.  Those of us who know Fr. “Mac” know that the weekend will be filled with many pearls of spiritual wisdom on how we, men, need to WALK IN TRUTH AND LOVE. There will be time for personal peaceful conversation with our Lord.

Worthy Council Raffle Ticket Chairmen,

I thank you and your Councils for your support of and hard work for the 2020 Charity Raffle under difficult circumstances. I greatly appreciate the innovativeness of some Councils in their sale of Raffle Tickets. 2021 looks to be another challenging year. I will have Raffle Tickets by the end of this week (2/6) for distribution to Councils. Feel free to e-mail me at kskomisarek [AT] comcast [DOT] net or call me at (603) 625-2134 to arrange pick-up, either at my work-at-home residence (1305 Hall Street, Manchester, NH) or somewhere between there and your Council location. The 2021 State Charity Raffle Funds Distribution Form will also be available by the end of this week.

Vivat Jesus!

Ken Komisarek, PGK, FDD, NH State Raffle Chairman

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