Youth Activity Ideas

It is vitally important for our members to have a good grasp of why our focus on Youth is key to the future of our program. Below provides a good summary of why we must focus on Youth activities/programs at the Council level.  We need to make Youth activities/events a key piece of our DNA and culture within the Knights.  Best summed up as the following:

Council must purchase and donate to needy children a minimum of 8 cases of coats. A case contains 12 coats. Report activity using the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7). The publicity generated by a Coats for Kids distribution will present the Knights of Columbus in a very positive light to prospective members.

Schedule a Big 4th of July party. Go with your kids and march in the Parades of Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and other youth organizations. Host softball games both for boy's and girls. Get together with your town Recreation Department and work with them. FEED OFF OF THEM FOR IDEAS and ask them if they need help. This is a great way to interact with your town for the support of our Youth.

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