Pro-Life Activity Ideas

Building a culture of life is of prime importance to all Catholics, especially members of the Knights of Columbus.  We are all the right arm of the Church, and we are constant defenders of the faith.  To fulfill the mission of Christ we must speak the truth and show mercy at the same time.  We fight for the end of legalized abortion and comfort those contemplating the unspeakable simultaneously.  More importantly, we strive to change the culture to make abortion the choice not made.

As part of an organized program of the council, with parish and community participation, a minimum of 100 marchers must participate in a local, regional or national March for Life. Report activity using the enclosed “Featured Programs Worksheet” and the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7).

The council must identify a Pregnancy Care Center that is medically certified to utilize and maintain an ultrasound machine, and comply with all regulations of the Ultrasound Initiative to place an ultrasound machine at the facility.

DAY OF FASTING, ROSARY for THE CULTURE of LIFE, Jan 21 & 22, 2015. The packet includes a sheet for the bulletin board (colored rose, 2 versions); a black/white copy (2 versions) for better copying (can include with the bulletin also), and a suggested bulletin (or K/C newsletter) announcement. The 24 hour fast includes adoration and Rosary at St. Mark's. Please call me to confirm a time for coming to pray in the chapel. For info, I've included the press release I'll be sending to major newspapers.

This is an activity whereby members and parishioners can get involved.  It is part of our overall commitment to build a culture of life.

As Grand Knight you need to read how the 40 Days for Life has saved the lives of women in crisis and their unborn children.  You can log to the national web site for detailed information: .

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