Church Activity Ideas

Workings with our State Council Vocation Chairman encourage every Council and Assembly in New Hampshire to participate in the Order’s RSVP Program. Without Priest we will not be able to receive the Holy Sacraments and our Catholic Church would be unable to serve its members.

The lay apostolate must respond to the constant call for active involvement in the work of the Church. Our State Council has the numbers, the organization, and the communication ability to get involved and spread the word throughout the Christian Community.

Religious Devotion

Our Lady of Ephesus Pilgrimage
Information Packet On August 15, 1994 Our Lady of Ephesus House of Prayer was formed to provide facilities for the spiritual growth of individuals through reflection and prayer. It is situated in a peaceful, natural hillside setting in Southern Vermont overlooking the town of Wardsboro, ideal for prayer and meditation. Plan a pilgrimage with your Council Members for the Feast of Our Lady on August 15th this year.

Our Blessed Mother appeared to an Aztec Indian named Juan Diego in 1531.  As proof to the Bishop and to the Indians, she left her image on Juan Diego’s Tilma.  More than 9 million Aztec Indians converted to the Catholic Faith in approximately 9 years!


The Traveling Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be making its way around the state immediately starting with the Northern Councils until the Fall quarterly, and later advancing to the Southern councils until the January quarterly, and the Central councils until the State Convention. This beautiful Icon has an Apostolic Blessing attached to it. It will be on a first come first serve basis. 

When choosing one Church activity to talk about that could be easily copied by every Council in the state and still have great impact, the one ceremony that I think would be most beneficial to be initiated would be to have each Council hold a May Procession next May, in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.  The underlying benefit of holding this type of event is to acquaint you and the people who partake in your May Procession, to become familiar with the “Fatima Message.” 

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