State Council Men's Retreat

I would first like to thank Fr. Marc Montminy for being our Spiritual Director this past weekend, for the 2017 State Men’s Retreat “The Intoxicating Power of the HolySpiritHoly Spirit”. He recharged our spiritual batteries through the Holy Spirit. Next I want to thank “Chef” John McClure and his assistant chefs (Paul Donovan and Rafael Peschiera who FILLED us with their culinary delights. The highlight of our meals was the Saturday night Surf n’ Turf instituted by our past Assistant Chaplin Fr. Robert Smolley who would say, “And it’s not fish sticks and hot dogs.” The weather was perfect compared to the “cool nights” of two weeks ago at the Family Camporee. Sunday we were graced with a visit of our national symbol a majestic eagle. Lastly a BIG thanks to the 27 men who came ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Mark Alfano, Mike Alaimo, Eric Barbasso, Bob Collopy, Dick Collopy, Deacon Mitch Couture, David Croteau, George Demers, Frank Gautreau, George Grant, Bob Guyre, State Secretary Joe Kowalik, Peter Klecan, George Krushauskas, Chip Lukitsch, Richard Manzi, Paul Messier, Jim Mosco, Tom Mosco, Dennis Mullen, myself, Bill Richards, Wayne Richards, Al Righini, Ray Roy, Mike St. Onge, and Brian Stanton).

Mark your calendars for next year’s retreat Sept. 14 – 16, which will be as fulfilling as this year’s, or even more so.

Vivat Jesus,
God Bless,

Jim Preisendorfer,
Retreat Coordinator

2017 State Men's Retreat Photos
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    Silent Auction Item 1

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