We are proud of our membership in our Order. We are encouraged to wear our membership pin and even decorate our vehicle with the Emblem of the Order. This is entirely appropriate. The lapel pin and a ring are visible reminders to ourselves and to others we are Catholic Gentlemen.

However, other paraphernalia of the Order is limited to official acts of the ‎Order. Wearing our ribbons of office and even our name tags is limited to acts of the Order. Membership drives, dinners, church functions, parades or civil functions while representing the Order are very appropriate situations for wearing these emblems. Other than the Emblem lapel pin and ring, the other items we all wear at functions should not be worn outside of Knights functions as a general rule.

Please be aware that a display of any paraphernalia of the Order, even a simple nametag, either brings credit or discredit upon our Order. Remember, in this day of visual and instant news, merely the appearance of impropriety may bring discredit upon our Order that we love. Wearing the name badge or jewel of office; 4th degree regalia at a non-Order/Council/Assembly/State Council activity needs to be carefully considered.

Jordan Ulery, 2014-2015 State Advocate

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