We all, at one time or another, violate, or are perceived to violate, any of the voluminous laws that dictate of daily lives‎. Some, like speeding, are minor violations. Some are much more serious.

In all these things, in this State and nation and before our Order; one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law‎. At the same time we all took an oath not to bring discredit upon the Order. That oath includes living a good Catholic life. Discredit, however, in this day of instant news and ‘headline rule,’ can be merely associating our Order with an unproven, alleged act. Remember also that the "press" is usually not an ally, has a profit motive, and general does not support Mother Church in the same way we do. In general it is not a good idea to speak to the press on current events items without careful reflection. This guidance does not apply to advertising our good works and acts.

Thus we are cautioned that when a‎ reporter asks a question about a personnel issue, a question about an alleged crime, a question regarding a specific person they must be referred to the State Deputy. If a reporter asks about the position of the Order on a specific policy issue (e.g. public funding for Planned Parenthood) they should be referred to the State Deputy. The State Deputy speaks with the authority of the Order.

General topics such as support for life, religious freedom, ‎support of The Church, etc. we can answer from our hearts. We, as Catholic Gentlemen, need to be active in the Public Square and proudly proclaim our beliefs. As private citizens we also have a right and obligation to speak, but we then do not speak for the State Council or the Order. Specific issue questions or questions about specific persons must be referred to the State Deputy or his désignée.

Jordan Ulery, 2015-2016 State Advocate

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