tootsierollThe following are the guidlines for the councils conducting "Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities", formerly Tootsie Roll Drives.  The guidlines cover ordering tootsie rolls and supplies and how to report funds raised by the council.

  1. How to Order Tootsie Rolls -Cost is $19.50 for a case of 300
    1. March 15 - Orders need to be placed
    2. You will incur freight charges after that
    3. You can pick them up at the ‘State Convention’
    4. Forms are on the State web site; or call Ron Metevier 603-895-2889
  2. Sales Aids -  Aprons
    1. $8.50 per apron
    2. $12.00 Handling
    3. Aprons  will be mailed to GK
  3. Reporting  Campaign Funds
      1. Send before March 1
    2. Make the Check out to    “N.H. Knight of Columbus State Council “
    3. Mail to  ‘Ron Metevier / 78 Batchelder RD  / Raymond NH 03077
    4. Funds Distribution
      1. Gross sales minus expenses [tootsie roll and /or aprons] =Net Sales
      2. 30% of Net Sales goes to the State Council
        1. Allocation of the funds are voted on at the State Convention
      3. 70% of Net Sales goes to the Council designated Beneficiaries
        1. State will issue as many Beneficiary checks as designated by the Council
      4. Beneficiaries must be affiliated with People with Intellectual Disabilities
  4. Important Reminders
    1. Order by March 15 and receive no shipping charges
    3. Forms are on the State web site; or call Ron Metevier 603-895-2889
    4. Expenses will be subtract by the State Council
    5. Identify beneficiaries

Questions call Ron Metevier 603-895-2889 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdficon smallTootsie Roll Campaign Guidlines

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