Shining Knight Emblem

The NH State Council Shining Knight Activity Program is similar the Supreme Council's Knight in Shining Armor Award. The Shining Knight Activity Program is administered by the New Hampshire State Council, and is for Knights who did not complete Knight in Shining Armor Award or became knights before Knight in Shining Armor Award program.

For a given Fraternal Year is required to:

  • Complete 3rd degree – OK if 3rd or 4th
  • Attend Three Business Meetings
  • Work On At Least Three Council Projects
  • Meet With Benefits Specialist (Field Agent)
  • Recruit at Least One New Knight.

The Grand Knight of the Council provides their members the Shining Knight Activity Program form for tracking the completion of the five requirement throughout the Fraternal Year.  Upon completion of the requirements and confirmation by the Grand Knight, the Grand Knight will present the member with Shining Knight Activity Program achievement certificate along with his Shining Knight Activity pin.

The Shining Knight Activity Program tracking form and achievement certificate is provided below for the Grand Knights.

 pdficon smallShining Knight Activity Form

 pdficon smallShining Knight Activity Achievement Certificate 

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