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This is the State Council section. This section includes the information, reports, and forms for the State Council members. There are some links that are for registered users only, and will be appropriately identified.

FrJonathanMy Brother Knights, as Fr. Kalish states below we are ALL fathers. We need to step-up to the plate and be FATHERS and MEN of Christ. WE need to be the positive role models for all children, not some athlete being paid millions of dollars to not stand and honor our flag. My Brothers, be a MAN!

Every man — even those who don’t have children of their own — is called to fatherhood. His fatherhood consists of nurturing the vocations of those for whom the Lord has given him care and responsibility. In his recent apostolic exhortation on the call to holiness in today’s world, Gaudete et Exsultate, Pope Francis highlights the central importance of the grace of discernment which “seeks a glimpse of that unique and mysterious plan that God has for each of us” (170).

A father plays a key role in showing his children the love of God the Father, through which they experience, on a supernatural level, the knowledge of the unrepeatability of their own unique lives. Before a man is ever a spouse or a father, he himself is first a beloved son of God the Father. This is the mystery of discipleship our Lord Jesus Christ, especially in the Gospel of John, reveals over and over again. Knowing that he is a beloved son of the Eternal Father gives a man ordered priority to his life and relationships: first God, then his spouse and, finally, his children.
Pope Francis reminds us that God’s unique plan for each of us “involves more than my temporal well-being, my satisfaction at having accomplished something useful, or even my desire for peace of mind. It has to do with the meaning of my life before the Father who knows and loves me, with the real purpose of my life, which nobody knows better than he” (170). Reading these words, we cannot help but think of the ways in which our paternal and spiritual fathers assist us on the path of encounter with God the Father. Let us remind our brother Knights of their unparalleled role in revealing to their sons and daughters the treasure of the meaning of their lives in light of the love of God the Father.

The Knight in Shining Armor Award is a Supreme program that can be modified and tailored by local council Grand Knights.

Awarded for service to the Order with distinction during the first year of membership, the “Shining Armor Award” is given to those men that exemplify what a true Knight of Columbus is. The concept of the “Shining Armor Award” program is to get new members active in the many facets of the Knights of Columbus as early as possible and assist in maintaining that activity and also honor them as a valued member of your council.

To qualify for the “Shining Armor Award” new Knights must during their first year of membership: 

Shining Knight Emblem

The NH State Council Shining Knight Activity Program is similar the Supreme Council's Knight in Shining Armor Award. The Shining Knight Activity Program is administered by the New Hampshire State Council, and is for Knights who did not complete Knight in Shining Armor Award or became knights before Knight in Shining Armor Award program.

FrMichaelGaitleyNortheast Catholic College welcomes Fr. MIchael Gaitley and the Marian Missionaries of Devine Mercy to provide spiritual formation for its studnets.

pdficon smallMarinas at Northeast Catholic College


CampFatimaI recently held an annual meeting with Mike Drumm on February 23rd at Camp Fatima. We always meet to get ready for the Knights' “Annual Camp Fatima Work Day”. This year it will be held on May 19th 2018.

Much to my surprise, Mike informed me that back in October 2017 a micro-burst went through the camp. Luckily, most of the buildings only received minor damage. There was some damage to the chapel and a couple of the cabins along with outside activities area. But a lot of trees were taken down. The Camp had to hire people to remove the trees. This was a big expense for them.


Hello everyone! Great news! There will be three 40 Days for Life campaigns in NH this fall - Manchester, Keene, and Greenland! Mark your calendars: September 27th - November 5th.

This newsletter will switch back to 40 Days for Life Manchester, as well as the Facebook page. Expect a newsletter in early September from the Manchester team to bring you news about their campaign.

We all, at one time or another, violate, or are perceived to violate, any of the voluminous laws that dictate of daily lives‎. Some, like speeding, are minor violations. Some are much more serious.

In all these things, in this State and nation and before our Order; one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law‎. At the same time we all took an oath not to bring discredit upon the Order. That oath includes living a good Catholic life. Discredit, however, in this day of instant news and ‘headline rule,’ can be merely associating our Order with an unproven, alleged act. Remember also that the "press" is usually not an ally, has a profit motive, and general does not support Mother Church in the same way we do. In general it is not a good idea to speak to the press on current events items without careful reflection. This guidance does not apply to advertising our good works and acts.


We are proud of our membership in our Order. We are encouraged to wear our membership pin and even decorate our vehicle with the Emblem of the Order. This is entirely appropriate. The lapel pin and a ring are visible reminders to ourselves and to others we are Catholic Gentlemen.

importantNoticeWorthy Grand Knights:

IF, and only if, your Council has a relationship with a home association it is imperative that you immediately provide the State Council with a copy of the lease/rental agreement between your Council and the Association. A sample agreement is available upon request in the officers toolbox. Please bring a copy of the most recent (annual) agreement to the quarterly discussion to be held in Lincoln. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jordan Ulery

State Advocate

tootsierollThe following are the guidlines for the councils conducting "Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities", formerly Tootsie Roll Drives.  The guidlines cover ordering tootsie rolls and supplies and how to report funds raised by the council.

HolyFamilyThe Supreme Council encourages every council to participate in the Order’s “Family of the Month” program. On the 15th day of each month, 100 Family of the Month reporting forms are randomly selected and the families chosen receive a Holy Family plaque.

Councils must submit Form 1993A for the Family of the Month to enter the council’s Family of the Month into the monthly drawing. The completed Family of the Month form is submitted to Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services (email fraternalmission [AT] kofc [DOT] org) and the State Deputy.

Family of the Month Form 1993A


During the Organizational Meeting of State Deputies in New Haven, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore calls all Knights to be good men filled with the Holy Spirit and faith who recruit for the Church and the Order.

The full text of his homily can be found below. More information about the State Deputites Meeting can be found at

GraniteAwardHampton – The NH State Council of the Knights of Columbus recently honored Bishop Peter Libasci with the 2017 Granite Award. State Deputy Wayne Griffin made the presentation at a banquet on March 4 at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Parish in Hampton. Council #5093 hosted the event for approximately 150 persons, including many Knights from across New Hampshire. The Granite Award is given annually to a person or persons who exemplify and magnify the virtues of patriotism, leadership, and humanitarianism through years of service to the community and those in need.

Worthy District Deputies:
Worthy Grand Knights:
Worthy Financial Secretaries:
StateKofCVocations to the priesthood and religious life are very important to the Catholic Church and to our Order.  We need priests to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to teach and lead us on the path to Jesus.  Education costs are extremely highFrMcGivney 002 for the candidates to the priesthood and religious life. The NH State Council wants to assist these men and women with a special calling by providing financial support for their education.
The Penny-A-Knight-A-Day (PKD) program was established by the NH State Council at the October 2009 Quarterly Meeting.  This program is voluntary and provides needed dollars to the NH State Council Vocations fund.  This fund is used to support religious vocations to qualified candidates throughout the State of NH.

Brother Knight:

In a new op-ed, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson asks all people of good will to unite to build a worldwide effort to save historic, indigenous minority communities in Syria and Iraq who are the victims of an ongoing genocide and face extinction.

To read more, click here.

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