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This is the State Council section. This section includes the information, reports, and forms for the State Council members. There are some links that are for registered users only, and will be appropriately identified.

Three 40 Days for Life campaigns


Hello everyone! Great news! There will be three 40 Days for Life campaigns in NH this fall - Manchester, Keene, and Greenland! Mark your calendars: September 27th - November 5th.

This newsletter will switch back to 40 Days for Life Manchester, as well as the Facebook page. Expect a newsletter in early September from the Manchester team to bring you news about their campaign.

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Rolla McFall Bryant appointed Diocese of Manchester Finance Officer


(MANCHESTER, NH) – The Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester, announced today the appointment of Rolla McFall Bryant to serve as the Diocese of Manchester Finance Officer and Cabinet Secretary for Temporalities. “Mac” will join the diocesan staff on Thursday, December 15, 2016.

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Quarterly Ladies Programs

These are the Quarterly Ladies program events for this coming fraternal year. We ask that you RSVP due to the number of supplies needed to provide to you at each program. In the past RSVP’s have not been required which made it difficult to plan a ladies program. We do not want anyone to be left out so an RSVP IS A MUST as we will not have any extra supplies that day. There must be at least 10 people for the Ladies Program or it will be cancelled. If the program is cancelled the State Warden, Ray LeMay, will send out a notice a week prior.

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General Membership Notice Advisory

We all, at one time or another, violate, or are perceived to violate, any of the voluminous laws that dictate of daily lives‎. Some, like speeding, are minor violations. Some are much more serious.

In all these things, in this State and nation and before our Order; one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law‎. At the same time we all took an oath not to bring discredit upon the Order. That oath includes living a good Catholic life. Discredit, however, in this day of instant news and ‘headline rule,’ can be merely associating our Order with an unproven, alleged act. Remember also that the "press" is usually not an ally, has a profit motive, and general does not support Mother Church in the same way we do. In general it is not a good idea to speak to the press on current events items without careful reflection. This guidance does not apply to advertising our good works and acts.

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“Witnesses to Freedom"

Dear brother Knight,

From June 21 to July 4, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will host its annual Fortnight for Freedom under the theme “Witnesses to Freedom.” In support of this theme, the USCCB will highlight 14 men and women around the world who bear witness to authentic freedom in Christ.

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Protecting the Order


As with any enterprise that wants to maintain its individuality and personality it is important to protect those signs, names and symbols that set them apart from all others. This is done through the acquisition of a registration mark from the government in which the entity exists. In the US and most of the western world this is referred to as a trademark, marcus registrad or ® (enlarged for clarity). You may have noticed that the Emblem of our Order KofC, the names K of C® and Knights of Columbus® all bear this significant mark. The names and the emblem should always be displayed with the mark.

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Protecting the Name of the Order


We are proud of our membership in our Order. We are encouraged to wear our membership pin and even decorate our vehicle with the Emblem of the Order. This is entirely appropriate. The lapel pin and a ring are visible reminders to ourselves and to others we are Catholic Gentlemen.

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Council Home Association Agreement

importantNoticeWorthy Grand Knights:

IF, and only if, your Council has a relationship with a home association it is imperative that you immediately provide the State Council with a copy of the lease/rental agreement between your Council and the Association. A sample agreement is available upon request in the officers toolbox. Please bring a copy of the most recent (annual) agreement to the quarterly discussion to be held in Lincoln. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jordan Ulery

State Advocate

Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities Guidelines

tootsierollThe following are the guidlines for the councils conducting "Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities", formerly Tootsie Roll Drives.  The guidlines cover ordering tootsie rolls and supplies and how to report funds raised by the council.

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Star Council Incentives

Star Council Award Incentives, 2016-2017

  • Plaque with Council’s Net Membership goal attained
  • Newly designed Star Council Lapel pins for the Council Grand Knight, Membership
  • Director and Program Director (number represents the level of Star attained )
  • 10,000 VIP points per Star attained up to 5 Stars
  • About a 20% Bonus on VIP points for those councils who attained Star Council status last Fraternal year and earn the same level or higher status this year

If you achieve this year:

& Last yearStar CouncilDouble StarTriple Star4- Star5 Star or more
(2015-2016) 2016-17 2016-17 2016-17 2016-17 2016-17
Did not attain Star Council 10k Pts 20k Pts 30k Pts 40k Pts 50k Pts
Star Council 10k+2k Pts 20k+4k Pts 30k+6k Pts 40k+8k Pts 50k+10k Pts
Double Star 10k Pts 20k+5k Pts 30k+7k Pts 40k+9k Pts 50k+11k Pts
Triple Star 10k Pts 20k Pts 30k+8k Pts 40k+10k Pts 50k+12k Pts
4- Star 10k Pts 20k Pts 30k Pts 40k+11k Pts 50k+15k Pts
5-Star 10k Pts 20k Pts 30k Pts 40k Pts 50k+20k Pts

pdficon smallSTAR Council Incentive Flyer

Supreme Chaplain calls all Knights to be recruiters for the Church and the Order


During the Organizational Meeting of State Deputies in New Haven, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore calls all Knights to be good men filled with the Holy Spirit and faith who recruit for the Church and the Order.

The full text of his homily can be found below. More information about the State Deputites Meeting can be found at

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Salem Council 4442 Donates Ultrasound Imaging System

Ultrasound Imaging System Donated by Salem, NH Council 4442

When a state/local council campaign raises one-half of the cost of purchasing and ultrasound imaging system for a pro-life pregnancy care center, the Supreme Council will match the other half of the cost of the system. Several months ago this process began for Salem, NH Council 4442. Lead by Ultrasound Committee Chairman & Lecturer Ronald Bourque and assisted by District Deputy Richard Collopy and Grand Knight Paul St. Amand the pro-life pregnancy care center was selected. The proposed project was put to a vote and the application was made to the Supreme Council on November 12, 2015. At the same time the check from the Salem Council 4442 was issued to Pathways Pregnancy Care Center in Littleton, NH for half of cost of the system

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Penny-A-Knight-A-Day (PKD) Program

Worthy District Deputies:
Worthy Grand Knights:
Worthy Financial Secretaries:
StateKofCVocations to the priesthood and religious life are very important to the Catholic Church and to our Order.  We need priests to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to teach and lead us on the path to Jesus.  Education costs are extremely highFrMcGivney 002 for the candidates to the priesthood and religious life. The NH State Council wants to assist these men and women with a special calling by providing financial support for their education.
The Penny-A-Knight-A-Day (PKD) program was established by the NH State Council at the October 2009 Quarterly Meeting.  This program is voluntary and provides needed dollars to the NH State Council Vocations fund.  This fund is used to support religious vocations to qualified candidates throughout the State of NH.

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Operation Tribute Notice

My Brother Knights,

This is to inform you that the charity known as Operation Tribute has ended. After the passing of its founder and president the Board of Directors has voted to end the charity. Since the Knights of Columbus first got involved in 2009 the K of C in New Hampshire has raised tens of thousands of dollars to buy Christmas gifts the children of Military families here in NH. I can’t thank you enough for your support. You truly made a big difference in the lives of the children you helped. Please continue to support our military families who give so much and expect so little in return.

Again, thank you for your years of support and may God Bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Vivat Jesus
David Hagen PGK, FDD
Former N.H. Chairman for Operation Tribute

Ongoing Genocide in Syria & Iraq

Brother Knight:

In a new op-ed, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson asks all people of good will to unite to build a worldwide effort to save historic, indigenous minority communities in Syria and Iraq who are the victims of an ongoing genocide and face extinction.

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Year of Consecrated Life: A Day with Our Seminarians

SeminariansBannerThe Year of Consecrated Life, as proclaimed by Pope Francis, began the First Sunday of Advent 2014 and continues through February 2, 2016 which is the World Day of Consecrated Life. We pray for all religious men and women who have made a commitment toward living a consecrated life. We pray for an increase in vocations, especially for the Priesthood.

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2016 Annual State Charity Raffle Tickets

My Brother Knights,

Enclosed with this week’s News Briefing is the application form for ordering your 2016 Annual State Charity Raffle Tickets. The form is self-explanatory and you are requested to complete both sections, the ticket request and ticket funds distribution sections in order to receive your tickets. It is anticipated that distribution of tickets will start at the January 2016 Quarterly Meeting or as soon thereafter that the tickets are received from the printer. Both sections of the form must be completed at the time of submission. Additional forms will be available at the Quarterly Meeting and at/on the State Council Website.

Kerry Johnson, SCD

pdficon smallState Charity Raffle Request Form

  • Chaplain of the Year 2015
    Chaplain of the Year 2015
  • Chaplain of the Year 2014
    Chaplain of the Year 2014
  • Seminarians Christmas
    Seminarians Christmas
  • State Free-Throw
    State Free-Throw
  • Living Rosary
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  • Pro-Life March
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