Worthy sirs and Catholic gentlemen,

Over the past several weeks we have been experiencing a very unusual situation with regard to this Covid 19 virus.  I hope that this message finds you all in great health and avoiding the virus. Our point here is to give you a quick update on how to bring new members to the degrees via a virtual distancing method.

Supreme Council will be conducting virtual degrees periodically online.  Grand Knights and District Deputies will be advised well in advance and there is a specific instruction regarding how to get your candidates invited to the ceremonial.  It's pretty easy to follow so I encourage you to give it a try.  The usual Form 100 membership document has been placed online in the officer's section.  A new tab was created to make it easier to find.  Just get your prospect to that space, complete the required information and then stand by for an invitation.  Once the candidate logs on to the ceremonial Supreme will forward the Form 100 information to your Financial Secretary for recording in the Council Roll. It's really simple so give it a try.

Every Council is encouraged to form its own team.  The new formula considers all three lessons in one session.  Each session takes about 30 minutes to complete. The parts can be read or memorized. They encourage us to do these ceremonials in Church after a regular Mass with the Pastor's permission.  Families and the parish are invited to attend,  No longer a secret. Councils should prepare themselves to enter this new formula as quickly as possible.  You may find it fun to create your own virtual team in this time of social isolation.  There is NO NEED TO CURTAIL membership efforts.  This new method has, in fact, attracted thousands of younger men already.


Supreme Council advises that the older documents be destroyed preferably by shredding.  Simple...no mailing, no postage just drop them into a shredder and forget about it.

Questions???? Just drop me an email and I'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as I can.


Joel Plante, PSD

Ceremonial Director

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