The 2020-2021 Fraternal Year will soon be upon us.  Local councils and assemblies should have already held their election of officers.  I want to remind the current Grand Knights and Faithful Navigators to submit their council and assembly‚Äôs directory information immediately after the elections.  The deadline for council and assembly directory submissions for inclusion in the State Council Directory handbook is June 15th.

To date, we have 19 council submissions and 12 assembly submissions.  Reports of councils and assemblies that have not their directory information are attached below the article.

I also want to remind the Grand Knights to ensure that the May elections includes the election of delegates for the State Council.  The councils need to select two primary delegates (new Grand Knight and Immediate Past Grand Knight) and two alternate delegates.

The links for the council and assembly directory submission forms have been added to the State Council Home page, and included below.

icon globeCouncil Directory Submission Form

icon globeAssembly Directory Submission Form

pdficon smallListing of Councils who have not submitted their directory information

pdficon smallListing of Assemblies who have not submitted their directory information

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