State Deputy Message - Week of November 23, 2020

Midyear Organizational Meeting of State Deputies2020 2021 State Emblem

This past week, with 75 Jurisdictions across the globe, the Supreme Council held the Midyear Organizational Meeting of State Deputies virtually. At the half-way point of the fraternal year, in their addresses Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori provided motivation and inspiration moving into 2021 and beyond. The district deputies will be gathering for their DD Mid-Year Organizational Meeting on December 04-05, 2020 and will be sharing this information with their councils.

I want to acknowledge the improvements in meeting presentation formats and the interactive nature of the break-out sessions and will be incorporating some of the methods in our future meetings.

I encourage you to watch Father Michael McGivney: An American Blessed. This powerful new documentary highlights Father McGivney’s inspiring example of fraternal charity, evangelization, and empowerment of the laity, from his humble beginnings as the son of Irish immigrants to his founding of the Knights of Columbus.

Do not miss the next Supreme webinar on November 24, at 8:00 pm EDT! Register now for "Cultivating Parish Success: Investing in Key Relationships"

Have You Talked to Your Pastor? Here is a reason.

Last week we provided posters in English and Spanish. Parishioners can go online and learn about Blessed Michael McGivney and the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus. Shown them to your pastor and asked if you can post them in a visible location: church bulletin board, vestibule, as an insert in your church bulletin?

Send me a picture of you posting the flyer(s), bonus points for included your pastor!

November Deceased Member Remembrances

November is when most recognize Brother Knights that have gone on before us. A memorial Mass or other significant gesture at church would be a respectful acknowledgement from your council.

Remember our veterans and deceased members.

Vivat Jesus!

State Deputy Joseph J Kowalik III

My Brother Knights of the NH State Council:

I hope all are safe and enjoying this fine weather we are experiencing for this time of the year.

For those of you that may have missed to order this year's great looking Polo Shirt, I did order a few extra shirts.   What is available are the following. This will be first come first serve, so hurry and email me back ASAP.

See the attached file for a look at these great shirts and the pricing form you can use.














pdficon smallState Council Shirt Flyer

Degree Advancement Opportunity2020 2021 State Emblem

Date:  Friday November 27, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM

The NH State Council’s Degree Team will be holding a virtual degree for the exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity on Friday, November 27th.  Grand Knights are requested to invite their new candidates and their family to participate in the upcoming exemplification.

The on-line exemplification offers the councils the perfect opportunity to advance all their members to full Knighthood.  The Grand Knights are requested to identify the members of their council who have not achieved full Knighthood and invite them to attend the State Council’s On-line Exemplification.

The council are to use the regular process for vetting new candidates.  The council’s Financial Secretary are to register new candidates, and candidates advancing to full Knighthood to assure the candidates making the degree are known by the councils.

Deadline for registrations is Wednesday, November 25th.

The link where the FS can register the candidates is:

pdficon smallOn-line Exemplification Flyer

OurLadyGuadalupe 003We have concluded the Art for Education fundraiser for Catholic Education and are able to give a decent sum of money to help Catholic Schools.

To those who either bought or help promote the project, a heartfelt THANK YOU! For those who either missed the opportunity to help, or who would like to either personally or as a Council/Assembly donate to the cause before we give our final funds to the Diocese, this is your opportunity to help us!

We are short the goal, but if you can give $10, $100, $300,or whatever can be given, it will help us round the number out to offer a thousand dollar denomination. This please is in particular for those who do not yet have a school in their region, but understand the vital role that Catholic Schools bring, especially in today’s environment!

Remember that we are focused on the needs of the Superintendent’s office. This year, the goal is for Salve Regina Academy in Gorham.. As we continue, the goal will shift to other needs for Diocesan projects; our help is needed!  This is our call to evangelize! Please contact Allen Ouellette at al [DOT] o [AT] att [DOT] net for additional details, or send monies directly to Worthy State Treasurer Mr. Ray Lemay, with memo Category #037





                        PENACOOK   ST   GIANNA’S PLACE       LIGHTHOUSE


This year we will not be laundry basket drives. We will be supporting the 18 state wide pregnancy centers via the purchase of gift cards.  I have canvassed the centers and this is their preference.  The gift cards can be used in 3 ways.  Purchases can be made for needed items for the women in crisis and their babies.  The centers can purchase supplies needed for their day to day operation. And direct donations can be given to the expectant mothers and fathers for their own purchases.  And we avoid the labor-intensive job of gathering, sorting, and delivering the laundry basket items.


  • As soon as possible, Councils need to notify the State Life Director of their willingness to participate.
  • Set a goal for the monetary value of the total purchases.

Suggested donations totals:  Large Councils: $1000.00

Medium Councils:  $500.00    Small Councils:  $250.00

Do the best you can. If you exceed the goal- Fantastic

  • Purchases can be made in December and the first half of January.
  • Notify State Life Director of your totals.

Based on this data we will be able to determine where the donations should go. We want to be as equitable as possible

Note: If there is a council which desires to support one specific pregnancy center let the Life Director know as soon as possible.  We will try to make the accommodation.

Because of COVID, we are planning a virtual event on Saturday evening 02/06/21.   I am currently working on the speakers and the details.  The event should last about 2 hours.

Please pray for success in this program.  Many lives depend upon your support.  Remember we need a minimum of 18 Councils to make this work. I expect more to join.



The New Hampshire State Council is excited to announce that the 2021 State Convention will be held at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in North Conway, NH.RedJacketResort

Great Location and Fabulous Accommodation. Family Fun Weekend Young an Old Come and Enjoy Great Weekend Getaway.

Plan NOW !!!

Don't miss out !!!

We are creating great package for everyone so watch for upcoming information on rates and family activities for this unforgettable weekend of fun.

pdficon smallSave The Date Flyer

The NH Knights of Columbus is once again sponsoring a Student Respect Life

Essay Contest. The contest is open to any Jr-High (grades 6,7,8) and Sr-High (grades 9,10,11,12) student in NH. The NH Knights of Columbus will make up to six cash awards of $100. You do not have to be a member of the Knights or a Catholic.

The theme for this year’s contest is:

The world seems to offer fear and anxiety (e.g., COVID). Repeating the simple prayer, "Jesus, I trust in You", offers hope and peace. How do you explain this to someone experiencing fear (i.e., unplanned pregnancy, serious injury, etc.)? “                      

DEADLINE: Midnight, Dec 15, 2020

RULES: Essays may not be longer than 500 words; typed, and submitted as a PDF or Word Document and emailed to matu19 [AT] comcast [DOT] net.  Include student name, age, grade, school, parent name and address, phone, parish and email.

Students may obtain help & information, including from parents, teachers, friends, and  internet, but the essay itself must be their own work.

Further contest details may be obtained from KofC NH contest chairman John P. Matuszewski (603-434-4098) or KofC NH State Pro-Life Chairman Ron Distasio (603-595-7837).

pdficon smallRespect Life Essay Contest Poster

pdficon smallRespect Life Essay Contest Flyer

pdficon smallRespect Life Essay Contest Teacher Information

MadonnaThe 2020 KCIC program documents are now available on the NH State Council Web Site. There are *nine (9) KCIC documents available to provide you all of the information needed to begin your 2020 KCIC Program in your council.  

  1. 2020 KCIC Christmas Card Program April 29 - Explains program in detail
  2. 2020 Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC) Program Announcement
  3. 2020 KCIC Council Chairman Nomination Form MASTER
  4. 2020 KCIC NH State Council EMAIL Order Form MASTER (Word only, not pdf)
  5. 2020 KCIC Promotional Material Council Price List
  6. 2020 KCIC Retail Price Brochure
  7. 2019 KCIC NH Sales Figures
  8. 2019 KCIC NH Cumulative Sales Figures
  9. 2019 KCIC International Sales Figures

* NOTE: In order to read and download the nine (9) KCIC documents you must create an account with a password on the NH State Council web site -

If you have difficulty creating an account or logging into the State Web Site, please contact the State Web Master’s DIRECTLY:

Greg Taillon: G [DOT] Taillon [AT] comcast [DOT] net   and/or Robert Jones: REJonesjr [AT] comcast [DOT] net 

  • Click on “Home" tab
  • Click on "KCIC Forms (Registered Users)" in drop down list
  • Click on "Keep Christ in Christmas”

Note: Please keep in mind that the 2020 KCIC Email Order form must always be emailed to me in MS Word and not a pdf.

Contact me if you still need assistance!


Dave Wilson

Knights of Columbus NH State Council KCIC Chairman
yeoldknight [AT] comcast [DOT] net

Hello Again Everyone,


As you may remember from previous years, I'm the chairman of the subject event, working for Ron Distasio, and together our 7 councils have been co-sponsoring the subject Day of Fasting, Rosary, and Benediction (this is our 24th year) for the sins of our nation against the Culture of Life. See attachments.

Request your support --pretty simple: --all materials are in the attachments. I hope we will continue to work together on this, by advertising in your Church Bulletins, and advocating at your monthly meetings, publishing in newsletters, and of course, attending (e.g., select hour of adoration, and at Benediction) hosted by St. Mark's, Londonderry,  on Jan 21,22, 2021 -- Thursday night 7pm start thru Friday 7pm Benediction....

PLEASE NOTE: This year, because of COVID, there will be no refreshments or gathering other than church Benediction.(If this changes will let you all know).

I have spoken to a few of you and will try to follow-up with the rest in the next few weeks Ron Distasio and various GKs have led a decade of the rosary at the Benediction in the past, and hope you'll be there to do so again this year. I'm pretty sure I don't have all the correct emails (have last year's directory),so please forward to the correct they can get announcements out.

The attachments gives all the details, provides some flyers (the ones with the rose symbol) that can be posted on bulletin boards, sample bulletin announcement for advertising the activity, and blank adoration signup sheets for you to use-- note PREFER to have people call / email me I've said on the sheets.

Please discuss at your councils, advertise as soon as you can, get a signup sheet posted at meetings, and in the church in January, so folks can sign up for an hour of adoration overnight from Thursday, Jan 21 thru Friday, Jan 22, 2021. The host parish is St. Mark's Church, Londonderry, Council 10488. I'll periodically email/call in Jan to get names/time slots... but folks should email or call me directly is best.

Please look over the info, and I will try to follow-up, and we can discuss any questions

Thanks in advance for spreading the word, and participating in the event.

John P Matuszewski
Event Chairman
Council 6949, Londonderry

pdficon smallDay of Fasting Flyer

ppticonDay of Fasting Flyer

dociconRoe v Wade Rosary Signup


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