Worthy Brother Knights,2021 2022 State Emblem

In one week, we will be meeting in Laconia for our Winter Quarterly Meeting and as we gather let us remember our responsibilities as leaders within the Knights of Columbus. As the elected leaders it is our responsibility to represent our council members to the best of our ability and that means attending these meetings/workshops on a quarterly basis and to bring back to our councils’ information gleaned from these gatherings. Too often, we attend these meetings and return to our councils and bring them no information that was given. District Deputies, Grand Knights, Past Grand Knights and others should be returning and letting the council membership know was learned. Council membership should be asking their leaders what occurred at this meeting. For instance, at our meeting next week, we will be discussing the New Affiliate Program which is about to open up to us and the Online Membership Program which holds our future council members whom we should be inviting to join our ranks. I hope to see you all at this meeting.

God Bless,

Raymond A. Lemay Sr

State Deputy, New Hampshire State Council