State Deputy Messages

Knights and Brothers,

As we move our clocks backwards, we still need to more forward with our Faith in Action plans and our semi-annual membership drives. Your District Deputies have been tasked with reaching out to you on both. Hosted by Cl #7533 Alton two weeks ago, State Membership Director (SMD) Ronald Keys and State Program Director (SPD) Michael Pitaro have presented you will opportunities to embrace both objective at our Fall Quarterly Meeting. If you missed this meeting, take heart. We are all available to assist you.

With many Delta Church Drives reported (remember to report any membership drive results to SMD Ron Keys) here is where we stand as of October 1st with council growth incentive (Jul 1st to Dec 31st). The top five councils will receive ($150, $100, $75, $50, $25) toward your continued council growth success.

DD ## Leaders Cl ## Location Mbers Quota Gain Loss Net %
DD 17 Top Five 17321 Tilton 20 4 10 0 10 250.0%
DD 15 4875 Manchester 87 4 6 0 6 150.0%
DD 2 17141 Meredith 39 4 5 0 5 125.0%
DD 10 13095 Hillsborough 59 4 4 0 4 100.0%
DD 9 2048 Rochester 149 10 4 0 4 40.0%
DD 8 In the Hunt 7572 Windham 118 8 3 0 3 37.0%
DD 11 2179 Exeter 162 11 3 1 2 18.2%
DD 10 1820 Claremont 107 7 2 0 2 28.6%

The Supreme Council has announced a “12 Knights by Christmas” incentive for every District Deputy whose District achieves 12 new members from October 1st through December 31st. They will receive a cash award and your District Deputy will recognized by name in the Knightline magazine.

Finally, find time in November to recognize your Brother Knights that have gone on before you. A memorial Mass or other significant gesture at your church is received respectfully by your parishioners.      

Moving forward, embracing change. Vivat Jesus!!!


State Deputy Joseph J Kowalik III

Knights and Brothers,2019 2020 State Emblem 200x200


You are cordially invited to attend Delta Church Drive Training on Thursday, October 30, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. This will be a GoToMeeting format. So there is no travel involved. Find out about this new way to recruit members from the comfort of your home. The sessions will last approx. 60 minutes.

You need to Email Regional Growth Trainer Steve Cohen at steve [DOT] cohen [AT] kofc [DOT] org to sign up for the training. Respond that you are attending, he will also need the following information: 

State, Full Name, Current Officer Position, Council Number, Membership Number

You will receive certificate credit from the Supreme Council for taking this training. In addition, for those councils that complete the training and schedule a drive with their pastor, the Delta Church Drive Kit will be sent to you at no cost. Yes, it’s free, just for taking the training. 


Steve Cohen, PSD
Regional Training Director
Northeast United States
Fraternal Mission Department
steve [DOT] cohen [AT] kofc [DOT] org

Moving forward embracing change. Vivat Jesus!!!

State Deputy Joseph J Kowalik III

Knights and Brothers,2019 2020 State Emblem 200x200

Supreme News: Website. Final Delta Church Drive training (for free Delta Kit).

The Supreme Council has updated their website, go to to see.

Grand Knights need to response to the email they received last week from Supreme Regional Growth Trainer Steve Cohen for the Delta Church Drive training October 30th

Knights and Brothers,2019 2020 State Emblem 200x200

Fall Greetings. The first quarter of the Fraternal Year is behind us as we embrace October and the busy months ahead. Last chance to bring your State Charity Raffles Tickets to the drawing at St. Thomas Aquinas Church Hall in Derry and support Council 3023 in Derry that is putting on a delicious meal for the 58th Annual State Ball.

Knights and Brothers,2019 2020 State Emblem 200x200

On behalf of your State Officers, District Deputies, Directors, and Chairman I thank you. We hope to provide pertinent and timely information and training opportunities to help you be successful in your Councils. The Weekly Briefing is one vehicle to drive these efforts.