Please see the update from Diana Weideman about Brother Dave: 

Dave’s progress continues to be nothing short of remarkable. I was able to observe all of his therapy sessions on Friday afternoon as part of “family training” in preparation for his return home later this month (current discharge date is set for 11/24; just in time for Thanksgiving which was all he was worried about). He is walking with the use of a custom fit brace on his right leg and a cane. He is nearly independent and able to walk 50 feet or more and back. He is also able to walk up and down 3 steps with minimal support. Regarding his communication skills, he is understanding so much more and can speak some words. He is attempting to speak spontaneously and was even able to say “trick or treat” to the boys when we visited in their costumes on Saturday. He can complete most self-care tasks on his own including eating, shaving, and showering. Most days I have no words for the emotions I am feeling, but I continue to feel optimistic, inspired, and so proud of him and his accomplishments, and he does too. He recognizes the incredible gains he has made and his therapists, nurses, and I are sure to acknowledge his achievements.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the continuous support my family and friends provide. The messages, meals, and donations are keeping us going day to day. I truly can’t imagine how I would manage life right now without the endless support people are providing. THANK YOU! And please, continue to send prayers and positive vibes because they’re working!

Please continue to pray for Dave, Diana, and their 2 boys.  It looks like our prayers are working!!!


Tony Noce, GK

Hooksett Council 4961