To:       District Deputies,
            Grand Knights,
            District Master,
            Faithful Navigators

From:  State Deputy Glenn Camley and
            e-Member Chairman Greg Taillon

Subj:    e-Membership Program in New Hampshire

December 26, 2017

You may have heard of the new membership type, E-Member. As of the 22nd of January, the state of New Hampshire is included in a pilot program with Alberta, Arizona, Connecticut, DC, Maryland, New Mexico and Florida.

This is a new way for prospective candidates to join. You heard prospects say things like, “I don’t have time.” Or “I’ll get back to you.” This is a way of curtailing those remarks. Now it takes just a few minutes to join on line. He will be an E-Member. He must still meet the criteria of 18 years of age, and be a practical Catholic etc. The difference will be, he pays dues to Supreme as a member of the State Council Division. He will not have taken his initiation degree. He has the rights to visit any council with his membership card, which will be different than a membership card of a local council.

He will be urged to join a local council where he must take the initiation degree, and potential following degrees, since he will be an active member of the council. He will then transfer from an E-Member to a local council member. He will be noted as a “Transfer” not a new member. E-Members upon transferring to a local council will be a plus one to local council and state. The state council will be given a list of these new members to invite them to join a local council.

The Supreme website has a new section  . The present link to join will remain as well. It is simple to use and the goal is to increase ease of membership. There is a check box for him to join a preferred council of his choice.

Initially if he stays an E-Member, he will be vetted by the General Agent upon his visit.

This letter is just an introduction. There will be more information coming up. There will be webinars and other information available soon. The State Council web page will also have more information in the upcoming weeks.