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My Brother Knights,

IconMany of you have heard of the Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians traveling icon and the prayer program that goes along with it. The program combines the Knights’ commitment to helping persecuted Christians in the Middle East with its 18th Marian Prayer Program.

Our ongoing mission of charity to Christians in the Middle East has included a commitment of more than $20 million since 2014. This support has provided food, shelter and clothing to Christians and those of other faiths in their care. In recent years we have been assisting in the construction of the McGivney House to provide housing for both Syrian and Chaldean Christian families."

Within our state, the icon will travel to individual councils to participate in our Marian Prayer Program, part of the “Faith in Action” initiative designed to deepen you and your members’ spirituality and religious formation. The prayer services are centered on the icon's intention to raise awareness of the plight of Christians persecuted for their faith and to stand in prayerful solidarity with them.

On March 3rd at St. Joseph’s Cathedral’s 10:30 Mass Bishop Libasci and the icons will be escorted into the Cathedral by the Fourth Degree. The prayer service in conjunction with the icons will follow the Mass. At the end of the Mass the first two designated councils will take an icon back with them to their parish. The icons will remain at the council's parish for one week Monday through Sunday. Additional weeks have been added for those councils who responded to my first email regarding the number of churches they service. The council next in line for the icon will pick it up with the accompanying materials and bring it to their parish. The Grand Knights are responsible for ensuring the Icon is picked up!

More information on the icon program is available at

More information on the Faith in Action Program is available at

Vivat Jesus.
God Bless,
Jim Preisendorfer
State Faith Director

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