Online Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

New Hampshire State Council On-line Exemplification Registration.
The councils are to use the regular process for vetting candidates; and, FS of the council is to register the candidates. This way we can be assured candidates making the degree are known by councils.
Deadline for registration is Saturday prior to the Friday Exemplification.
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Council elections must be completed shortly. Besides the actual elections the other part needs to be done. As the saying goes, the “sitting” isn’t finished until the paperwork is done. That being said please immediately advise the Supreme Council on-line of your new officers. Make a copy of that document and send it to the State Council. Besides the officers, the local Councils also must notice the State Council the names of the Delegates to the State Council right now! Per our bylaws, the Delegates are the Grand Knight and a Past Grand Knight. These Delegates are to attend State Council events including, but not limited to, Annual Business Meeting (convention); State Events (charity dances, scholarship event, etc.); Quarterly Informational Meetings. This is your State Council and you are needed to help the entire Order grow.

Remember: Evangelize our faith, Grow our Order!

Thank you.
Jordan Ulery, State Advocate

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