McGivney 2020 Rosary Program

RosaryThe NH State Council’s McGivney 2020 Rosary Program asks councils and individual members to host beatification commemoration rosaries to honor Blessed Michael McGivney. Our goal is to pray 2020 rosaries by Founder's Day, March 29, 2021. Rosary submissions may be individual rosaries prayed by a member, or, number in attendance at a council's rosary service.

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Online Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

New Hampshire State Council On-line Exemplification Registration.

The councils are to use the regular process for vetting candidates; and, FS of the council is to register the candidates. This way we can be assured candidates making the degree are known by councils.

Deadline for registration is Wednesday prior to the Friday Exemplification.

icon globeOnline Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

Questions have been raised regarding the Supreme Council’s position on resuming council meetings. This was pulled from the Knights of Columbus Officer’s Online, Officer’s Desk Reference which was recently update July 2020.  It is question 17 under the heading: Council and Assembly Issues


17. Fraternal Activities During Pandemic Conditions

Although many jurisdictions are slowly reopening, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to present a significant risk, especially to persons who are vulnerable due to age or medical condition. Because the health and safety of our members and guests is of paramount concern, council officers and members are advised to proceed cautiously as they resume ordinary fraternal activity. 

The Order’s policy for fraternal activity during current pandemic conditions has been updated as follows:

  1. In order to prevent inadvertent spread of COVID-19 by asymptomatic carriers, travel for Knights of Columbus fraternal activity should be limited to that which is necessary and required.
  2. Councils, assemblies and circles should use electronic tools and procedures as much as possible for fraternal activity, particularly meetings.
  3. In-person meetings should be avoided unless personal interaction is essential and local pandemic orders and regulations permit. If you decide to resume in-person meetings, it would be ideal that they be conducted outside. Please note that you must offer all members the opportunity and means to participate remotely, so that members who are concerned about their health may avoid possible exposure to the coronavirus. Until further notice, no member may be required to attend any meeting in person.
  4. Councils officers should exercise prudential judgment when planning to resume in-person meetings and events. They must research and obey all diocesan rules, as well as the current orders and regulations issued by civil authorities. Any activities planned at local parishes must be coordinated in advance with pastors. The Supreme Council has created an inventory of resources to assist council officers as they consider whether and when to resume in-person meetings and events. Go to “Fraternal Operations Webinars” at

This policy is subject to change in response to new developments in the pandemic.

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