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The councils are to use the regular process for vetting candidates; and, FS of the council is to register the candidates. This way we can be assured candidates making the degree are known by councils.

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Recently there have been videos and reports of statutes of Columbus removed and destroyed in the North End of Boston and even from the State Capital of Ohio,ChristopherColumbus Columbus.  There have been incidents of statuary in cemeteries and even on church grounds where memorials of Mary, various Saints, and even of Christ have vandalized or destroyed.  These actions have been attributed to anarchists, BLM or Antifa or whatever.  The actions are representative of the now apparently ascendant Marxist culture that has infected our society, in my opinion. 

Make no mistake, there are those today that virulently hate the thought of a Trinity, personal responsibility or actions being absolutely Right or Wrong, or even sinful. Yes, Holy Mother Church [HMC] is under assault in parts of the nation, and even on the floor of the NH House.  Many of us want to shout to the vandals – STOP!.

I have some experience in being misinterpreted and misunderstood in public speaking.  Those deliberate mischaracterizations have cause me and my wife pain, late night/early morning calls and threats.  No Brother should be on the receiving end of such because of an attempt to defend HMC or our Order. 

I seem to recall a certain lesson in a ceremonial that was once offered that suggested close attention to the words and the context of both spoken and written word is necessary to understand a position.  It is unfortunate that today so many young adults have no concept of comprehension or context, or even history. 

The ability (likelihood?) of both the press and incipient Marxists and anti-Catholics to twist, turn and use a heartfelt opinion against their perceived opponent, Holy Mother Church can result in difficulties for you, and me.  An  example is Christ’s teaching that He died for all, regardless of superficialities of race, creed, color, gender (even assumed gender) or place of national origin.  In today’s twisted popular culture saying All Lives are important is a recipe for assault, hopefully only verbal or written, but quite possibly physical.

I would remind each of us that while we have, for the time being at least, the ability to speak freely in the United States.  We are also part of a larger organization to which we owe an allegiance.  When an incident occurs in New Hampshire you can certainly use social medial or letters to the few remaining newspapers to express your personal opinion.  Individual members cannot, however, speak for the Order.

One should refrain from using phrases like ‘The Knights of Columbus does/does not …’ or the ‘Knights of Columbus stands for …’. 

Rather you should say I stand for …, I object to …, in your statement.


Yes, please make your personal opinions known and publish them far and wide.  Stand for HMC, just don’t present your position as the official opinion of the Order or The Church.

Shareable Information on the actual life and times of Columbus can be found at:


One other thing, pray, Pray, PRAY. Rosary

Jordan Ulery, State Advocate
PO Box 15
Hudson, NH 03051
jordanulery [AT] comcast [DOT] net

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